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What is Auto Consignment?

Ready to turn in your current vehicle for a new ride? Maybe you have had your prized car for most of your life and are now wanting to cash out.  In many cases, trade in value of any vehicle is substantially lower than retail value, especially for those vehicles that are difficult to price through blue book, such as classic and collector cars.  Considering between Auto Consignment, Private Party, or Trade In, consignment will put more cash into our clients' account.  Our clients turn to GT Auto Lounge for our expertise in doing just that. 

Auto consignment is Just like real estate sales, selling your furniture, or antique action figures through consignment services.  Your vehicle is stored in our secure climate controlled indoor showroom while sales inquiries are handled by our auto experts.  Once your vehicle has been sold, you receive a check equal to the sale price, less the consignment fees.  

Consignment has been a growing trend, saving customers the hassle of advertising and dealing with the public as phone calls and inquiries ring in, saving you (the client), hours of your valued time so you then have the ability to place your energy on other priorities in life, leaving the selling duties of your vehicle to the consignment center.  Then you get paid!

At GT Auto Lounge, our auto enthusiasts are trained experts in our trade.  We spend our day to day lives being in the field and countless hours researching and experiencing the current auto market.  At GT Auto Lounge, we have a vast knowledge in an array of vehicles, and keep up to date with new and upcoming vehicle trends.  Our dealership is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  From a customer perspective, a vehicle represented by a dealer tends to be more credible than a vehicle being sold private party.  Choosing Auto Consignment in turn equals minimal effort from our clients, and more cash in their pockets.       

How Does Vehicle Consignment Work?

1:  Having Your Vehicle Appraised

At GT Auto Lounge, we have experts in the automotive industry that will conduct an appraisal on your vehicle.  Because we do specialize in unique vehicles, many of which we come across do not have an accurate book value due to the rarity or age of the vehicle.  Please do not let this discourage you and please do not listen to the dealerships who do not specialize in exclusive vehicles.  Many dealerships will try to offer you a hurting low value due to the fact they do not understand the market of your car.  Our experts know the market well enough to show you the actual value of your unique ride.  

2.  Vehicle Showroom Preparation

We have an A list Auto Showroom Preparation team to pamper your vehicle to get it ready to turn heads in the showroom.  Our team will inspect your vehicle and give you the best options for detailing to return the best possible outcome for the sale.

3.  Photography & Video

Your vehicle is in excellent hands with GT Auto Lounge's exclusive Professional Auto Photographer.
Your vehicle will undergo an extensive photo shoot and 360 degree video to tastefully display the beauty of her design from interior, to all angles of exterior, motor, and undercarriage if needed.  All quality photos and videos are taken in high resolution for the customers to view the vehicle similarly to how it is viewed in person.  Note: We do not and will not alter any of the photos or videos.  We respect the image of all vehicles and how they appear in true form.           

4.  Advertising

GT Auto lounge uses to several methods of advertising to maximize the exposure of your vehicle including a vast worldwide online presence, and social circles including high dollar car collectors and auto enthusiasts from around the world.  Every car is different and needs different marketing, in which our experts at GT Auto Lounge will present to you the best options for your vehicle.  

5.  Negotiating, Selling, and Closing Paperwork

One of the greatest benefits of vehicle consignment is that we handle the negotiating and closing transaction for our clients.  Many potential buyers want to test drive and inspect the vehicle prior to purchasing.  Instead of having various potential buyers at your doorstep and in your private garage at your residence, they will come to our indoor showroom to inspect and test drive the vehicle.  Depending on circumstances, some of our buyers will purchase the vehicle without personally seeing the vehicle, as our photos and videos show impeccable detail.  We put our clients at ease and handle the DMV transfer paperwork, process the payment, and close the transaction.  

Here at GT Auto Lounge, we know your time is valuable.  Let us have the honor of showing you a world class service from our Showroom Team.  Please call 916-387-9997 or fill out the form below. Consign your vehicle today!


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