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At GT Auto Lounge, we take detailing to a new level of expertise with precision, passion, and an A-list detailing staff.  Using top of the line materials and utilizing advanced techniques, we can bring your vehicle to show quality standards of appearance.  We have provided our high end detailing services to vehicles entered in an array of car shows and events including the Pebble Beach's prestigious Concours D'elegance, Niello Concours, Autorama, Monterey Car Week, SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and more!  GT Auto Lounge offers true professional detailing with years of experience on all car types.  Our detailing staff meticulously tends to every vehicle with diligence and individual attention to have the best possible outcome.


Auto detailing is not just for cars entered in car shows and car events.  Every so often, your daily driver and your beauty sitting in your garage is going to need to be fully detailed, and should also have smaller details regularly to have your car looking at its best so it can hold (and even increase) it's value.  There are many benefits of auto detailing, not to be confused with normal car washing!

Professional Auto detailing is having your vehicle detailed from top to bottom, inside and out, undercarriage, wheels, and engine -- A completely thorough and meticulous procedure using specialized tools and top of the line products.  In addition, GT Auto Lounge's detailing staff also performs some light cosmetic touch ups with the goal in mind to have your vehicle's paint restored to look like it did when your car was first built and painted by eliminating scratches, swirl marks, and other damages to paint from prior car washes, the weather, UV Rays, and age.   This includes: Degreasing, Polishing, Paint Correction, High End Waxing, Paint Sealers, Clay Treatment, Stain Removal, Leather Treatment, Engine Bay Dressing, Water Spot Removal, Interior Cleaning and Dress Up, and if you're getting ready for a car show we also offer wet sanding. 

A simple car wash gets rid of dirt and debris on the exterior of your vehicle, and if you clean the interior, you may pick up some grime with a vacuum.  The auto detailing process is a giant step above this.  Every vehicle we have the pleasure of detailing has every last imperfection buffed, polished, or vacuumed out, resulting in a showroom quality displayable vehicle. 


Now let's face it.  Every car has been exposed to different elements during its life, and no 2 cars are alike.  Because all cars have different needs, we encourage you to make an appointment with us to bring your car to our showroom and have our experts take a look at the canvas, and speak to you (the proud owner) of what your vision is for your vehicle.  Then we can determine and discuss the necessary steps and how GT Auto Lounge and help you achieve your goal.

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